King of the Mountain

CAD models and the Mainliner

Mainliner_140_cad_image01_2 The Cad centerlines for the first bike that would feature this hub-concentric suspension were created. I nick-named this proto “Mainliner” (from the Social D album).

CAD models were created for a bike and patentability was researched and found to be a valid, patentable technology / concept.

In analyzing leverage ratios and rates, various shock layouts were tried and investigated in CAD. Remembering something Jose Gonzalez once said (when he was still at Manitou) about suspending the shock within the swing-arm / suspension system, a few different floating shock layouts were tried.

The first double forward floating shock set-up is tried. On the first attempt, the benefits of the floating shock system are immediately apparent as the leverage ratios are almost perfect.
Work on the CAD model for a first proto continued and was almost finalized.


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