King of the Mountain

Testing 5, 6 and 7" varieties


Right before pushing the go button on making this new proto bike, we made a quick change in proto course: To avoid trying too much at once, and to get a better feel for how the bikes compare to existing bikes, chain and seat-stay assemblies with new hub-concentric pivots were made for a Session 7, Remedy and 2007 Fuel EX. This way, the exact same bike could be ridden and compared with and without the hub-concentric rear pivot.

A Session 77 with a rough proto of the hub-concentric pivot swing-arm became the first ABP proto bike.
At the same time, similar swing-arms were made for a Remedy66 and a 2007 Fuel EX.

All of these protos used a steel thru axle arrangement that held the chain and seat-stays together as a way to very quickly and simply prove out the concept.


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