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Detail Work...Adding a QR


We were pretty excited by performance of the bike at Whistler, and while we were actually riding the Session 77 proto, the “Mainliner” proto was being completed and fabricated. Concepts were created and worked out for how to use a QR rear wheel with the system, however the proto still relied on a thru axle to fully verify the concept more quickly because fewer parts were required to be fabricated.

The Mainliner had the hub-concentric thru axle rear end, a floating shock, 135mm of rerar travel, and a rocker link assembly consisting of 3 bonded parts. The bonded rocker link is something that was tried on the protos of the 2007 Fuel EX but didn’t make it to production.



Not much has been said about the pivoting rear QR; can you explain more?

Answer: With the ABP system, one of the challenges in making the design work with a standard hub was how to control the angle of the QR lever once it was tight. Some of our first prototypes had the QR threading directly into the pivot axle. The problem was, some people like to run their QR's facing backwards, some people run them forward. Bottom line, there is no right way - they all work. But people are going to want to run them the way they always have. We also want to keep parts to a minimum - especially the parts you wouldn't want falling off in the dirt.

The solution to this was to use a separate nut for the QR. This nut is held in place on the ABP nut with an o-ring. The QR nut can then turn relative to everything else, just like a normal QR, but it stays in place on the frame when you pull the QR out. Tightening the QR works just like normal - thread the QR in, close the lever with the normal amount of force, and because the nut and the QR spin together, independent of anything else, you can "aim" it in any direction once it's closed.

On another note - when the Qr is pulled out, there is only one spring on the lever side, and it is specially wound to have the last coil tight on the QR rod, so it doesn't fall off. - Dylan Howes

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