King of the Mountain

Riding Patty Fatty

“Mainliner” proto was christened “Patty Fatty” by the Proto Shop (It’s a tradition that NO bike leaves the proto shop without a name!)

Patty Fatty is ridden for the first time at Marquette, Michigan by a large group of Trek testers. Our Head of Product, Joe V proclaims it “one of the 2 best protos ever!” (The other being a Session 8 proto)
The suspension on Patty Fatty is incredibly active over the small stuff, yet controlled through the mid-stroke. The technology proved itself again by allowing the suspension to stay active all the time. There was a marked improvement in stiffness and steering accuracy over the Fuel EX.

The direction for the 2008 Fuel EX was now set: keep the travel, weight and geometry of the 2007 Fuel, but add this new suspension pivot technology, floating shock, and the torsional stiffness of Fatty Patty.
During this testing and planning trip, we also came up with the name of our new pivot technology – ABP for Active Braking Pivot.


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