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Hammer's Link


By mid September, design work on the 08 fuel EX was already underway. Industrial Designer Michael Hammond  (“Hammer”) made the bonded rocker link of Patty Fatty 1000% cooler by making it 1-piece. Hammer and Steve Baumann, the Head of Industrial Design, challenged us to make the bike “faster” by making the rocker even smaller, and to reduce the angle of the seat stays for a more streamlined and aggressive visual profile.

Centerlines were re-worked and re-worked and gone over with a fine tooth comb by Jose Gonzalez and engineering.

Our first 2008 Fuel EX proto with a QR hub compatible rear end had all CNC machined frame parts and stay tubes, and a CNC’d and welded rocker link. The general shape of the bike was pretty final, and Hammer had created the visual look and shape of the main-frame tubes, but to speed things up, we simply used existing main-frame tubes from the ’07 bike. This one was named “Stella.”


landscape designer phoenix

Why Stella? Why not...umm..Mickey? Rocky? Ooh, what about "my little friend"!

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