King of the Mountain

Testing Stella and Beverly


Testing of the first production protos begins, which are fondly named Stella and Beverly. Stella was a 17.5” size frame that fits most of us pretty well. Beverly was the same design and construction, but in a 21.5” size for Travis Brown.

“Desert Snow” was created shortly after this first test in a new 18.5” size main frame. We only made a main-frame this time, and swapped the rear end from Stella onto this one to check out the new size.
From here, it was out to the trails for testing – but by this time, we were headed back Arizona to get both good test grounds, and good weather. When we do trips like this, Jose goes into Test Master mode and “forces” us to ride countless different shock and fork set-ups over and over (Oh yeah, this is rough job!). This was how, as usual, the first test session went.


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