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Trek's Dylan Howes Eats It

Dylan Howes is Trek's Senior R&D engineer. He's one of this blog's co-authors, and the lead engineer behind the all-new Fuel EX.

During a recent trip to Sun Valley to launch the bike to the media and dealers, he volunteered for a video shoot. What would normally be a casual, fun afternoon turned into Dylan showing everyone that a faster line could be had. As fate would have it, he also was to prove that:

a) no matter how well a bike handles, you still need to steer around the rocks
b) helmets are a good thing
c) having a certified WFR on your ride is also a good thing.



haha classic. reminds me of me

Lew S Lugnut

Nice one Dylan! Funny how the out take shots of employees get put on the blog..... where's Shandro or McCaul eating it?

Missed seeing you at MTB festivals this year Mr. Browne, I hope you are enjoying your new home and workplace. Quite a bit different than the Rag, huh?

Former NE demo/tech/product specialist, Bob



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