King of the Mountain

A Man Ahead of His Time

Check this picture out that Hammer drew up. Pretty good concept, although something we would almost take for granted these days. But look closer. Look at the date on there. This was done when he was about 11 years old! Anyone remember what mountain bikes looked like around then? Not like this, I'll tell ya! Visionary, man. Visionary.


Here's what he had to say about it:

"Alright dude-- see the attached image.

Note the year on there:  1988

Dual suspension AND two wheel drive!  I was ahead of the curve then man! 

I remember drawing this in a hotel room in Phoenix while on vacation with my parents. 

Also, I called it the Henkon 'Shocker'  ....Henkon was the fictitious brand name, and I'm pretty sure I didnt know the other meaning for "Shocker"

And there you have it.  I've been doing this job for almost 20 years. 



steve campos

hi i would like to interview the person who drew this. for an art show im doing on dual suspension bikes at the los angeles bike oven co-op in February of 2012 thank you


Okay, please disregard previous comment, I was familiar with the gesture, but haven't heard it called that...



What's the other meaning of "Shocker"? I'm 40 and have been around the block a few times, but can't think of what you mean...



off topic, but does anyone have any idea when the 08 ex9's will be shipped? i think i'm one of the first on the list to get one in and i thought they'd be in shops by the end of august, but i'm having trouble getting any real info.

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