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Chris and Jeff take 2nd at BC BIKE RACE

The 2nd edition of the BC bike race ended Saturday in Vancouver, BC.  Sounds like it got harder by the day, but with lots of sweet singletrack.  Our boys Jeff Schalk and Chris Eatough managed to hold onto 2nd place despite multiple mechanicals, some illness, and just plain hard racing.

Here's Jeff's report from Day 6:

Hey Steven/Zack -

The story of Stages 1-3 was about making a big comeback from our initial misfortune in the hayfield.  In contrast, the story of Stages 4-6 has been about damage control.  The toll of the first three days finally caught up with us.  Chris began feeling sick the night after Stage 3, and has been doing his best to plod through each day despite not feeling 100%.  Personally, I felt super-human the first four days, then paid a big price for it on Stage 5, suffering horribly and visiting a very dark place during the course of the day.  I rebounded and felt good today, but Chris fell further into the hole with his head cold. 

Timing and luck are just a few of the big challanges of this format of racing.  Trying to equalize our efforts for the best possible result has been difficult when the timing of how we've felt hasn't quite aligned.  But, teamwork has helped to minimize the damage when I was dragging more on Day 5 and Chris was dragging more on Days 4 & 6.  Bad luck has also continued to play a big role in our performance since we've been plagued by bad luck on almost every day.  I got a flat on Stage 4 and had a defective tube -- the long fix cost us maybe 4min and allowed Kona to pull away and take the yellow jersey.  We took a wrong turn on Stage 5 while Kona was ahead out of sight -- that cost us maybe 3min, and made the chances of chasing back on very difficult.

Many of the other teams have had their share of bad timing and bad luck, but we seem to be doing a good job of minimizing the damage.  Each of the last 3 days, we've lost a little more time to Kona and are somewhere around 15-20min back of first now, but we have at least been able to maintain a firm grip on second.  We'll do our best to finish out strong on Day 7!

Take care,



Does anybody know if Chris Etough lives around the Ellicot City Maryland area near baltimore. I have seen the team car alot on the road and at trail. Also ive seen a road rider with trek/vw gear on.

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