King of the Mountain

Jeremiah ICES the competition at the Iceman Cometh


Jeremiah Bishop has managed to extend his season-ending streak past September, through October, and into November.  He just won the ICEMAN COMETH in Traverse City, Michigan, in record time, to close a string of wins including the NUE series Oktoberfest in Charlotte, and the Sierra-Tahoe 100 back in early September.  After turning on the jets in July, he's been on stellar form, showing pure determination in continuing to race when many have hung it up for the year.

Here's how it played out, in his own words:

JB, on the event:
“This race is like the Midwest World Championships. It was unbelievably fast. I’ve dreamed of doing this race since I was a kid, so it was awesome to realize that dream. And to win too, well, that’s just awesome.”

JB, on the course:
“There’s lots of of rolling terrain, and strategy played a lot into this race. There was a lot of drafting, so we [the lead riders] really opened it up on the fast, flowing terrain.

JB, on the competition:
   “Those boys are fast! This is post-season for me, but I was definitely a marked man from the start. The pack just wouldn’t break, and we all took turns leading.”

JB, on the win:
   “I had studied the course the day prior, so I knew that the last mile and a half included a fresh cut, slick singletrack. I also knew that 2,000 riders traversing the terrain would make it really slow — a perfect place to launch an attack. That’s where I gave it my all, and with a log jump leading into a steep uphill, followed by another technical section... I didn’t look back.”

JB, on the bike:
   “I picked my Elite 9.9 hardtail, but I really should have chosen a 69er. That front wheel would’ve been better for the sandy spots, and the 26” rear would’ve helped me with acceleration. Regardless, my bike was flawless...”

Stay tuned for more,from the man himself ... in the meantime, here's a comment posted on one of the blogs regarding JB:

"   Just a note about Jeremiah Bishop. One of the nicest guys around. My 5 year-old son was in the kiddie race in Middletown on Saturday and Jeremiah was out on the course warming up for his race that followed. Jeremiah saw my little guy and rode the whole race with him, giving him tips and encouragement and looking out for his safety. It was incredibly cool-my son now has a new hero. We cheered Jeremiah on and went crazy when he busted out his first bunny hop on the obstacle. He and my son both got second place in their respective races, and we have some great pics of them afterward holding up the "two" fingers"



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