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Fuel EX is Bike of the Year

So says What Mountain Bike, of the Fuel EX 8. What, you've never heard of What Mountain Bike? Wait, who's on first?

No really... WMB is represented in the US as, which shares some content with both Mountain Bike UK and, which are all owned by the same media conglomerate that is... Future Publishing!

It, like all other media house, is most likely celebrating the arrival of the iPad as a way of creating stronger solvency in a market that's only seen a decline in revenue over the past few years. But I'm not here to lament the loss of print, or praise the arrival of the iPad — no, I just want to share the great news that this media powerhouse just handed out Bike of the Year to the Fuel EX.

Here's a few choice tidbits from the review...

"a superb package that excels in every situation and has the versatility to race..."

"lean back and let it flow through, and off, everything, and it offers a confidence that most 140-150mm bikes would be jealous of."

"the best all-arounder we've ever ridden."

Picture 6
 Of all 25 bikes tested, here's the top five and their final ranking:

1. Fuel EX 8

2. Lapierre Zesty

3. Giant Anthem X2

4. Saracen Ariel

5. Specialized Stumpjumer

Way to go Fuel EX! My favorite bike ever (Remedy, I hope you're not listening...).



Interesting article, I had not seen that, nor did I really realize that Trek had top-rated mountain bikes. I might have to look into the EX 8 now.


Best bike ever! BAM!

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