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Trek 29ers -- Thank You Gary!

Wow. What an annoucement, eh? If you haven't heard... Trek just announced its most recent awesome plan to bring Fisher closer to the Trek family, with the inauguration of the Fisher Collection. Check it out on our homepage:

We are so stoked to announce this for so many reasons. And I could go on and on about how excited I am to finally (!) see a Trek 29er come around, but I really think the best person to explain this all is Gary himself.

Q: Gary, what do you think?

A: Wow. I mean, I am the luckiest guy around. I just inherited the biggest, greatest bike engineering team in the world. Industrial designers, carbon engineers, marketers [thank you, Gary]... It really doesn't get any better than this!

Q: So you're excited, eh?

A: Oh man, am I ever! The Trek Superfly -- the best looking mountain bike we've done to date. The Transport, this bike I'm really excited about. I mean, transportation bikes are the future, and to get one of these to market with the power of Trek behind it -- this bike is going to move the meter. And the electric meter too since it's available as an electric bike!

Q: And what about that Sawyer?

A: Classic design, incredible execution. Steel is real, and you get on this bad boy out  on the trail, and you'll know exactly what I mean!

Q: And what does this mean for the future of Gary Fisher, the man?

A: Oh crap, this means it's time to get to work! In the past, I always felt like we were doing our own thing on the sidelines, but now I'm front and center! I will work more closely with the team, and that's going to be a delight. Unfortunately, this means my months of vacationing in the Caribbean are over... that is, unless they get some WiFi down there!

So without further adieu, go check out the bikes, and be sure to see the below gallery from last night's company announcement!

Get the flash player here:


Jeffrey S.

Why did the paint job get so bad? It just looks like trek x series bikes now. I loved paint jobs on the last couple years. I was just really unplease by how ALL gf look the same. I do hope you do something next year about this. But congrats gf on you move, I hope it works every well for you.



Hey Gary please make 29er wheels with narrow tires for dualsport!!!

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