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The All-new 2011 Fuel EX

Here in Chatel, France, a group of 35 journalists and 30+ Trek staff are riding all-new 2011 Fuel EX bikes.

Here's a glimpse of what you will see from the 2011 lineup. Stay tuned for daily dispatches on more Trek 2011 platforms. 

Photography by Sterling Lorence and Geoff Waugh.

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Kirk Kaubish

is it just me or am i the only one who cant see any of the pictures

David Kibler

Can I have it for my bithday?

19" Please




Sexy as hell. I LOVE my 2009 Fuel EX 9.8.


Very beautiful bike!!!

steve eisenhaur

how much is it


looking forward to see some remedy 2011 pics!!


Any more info on the full line of the 2011 EX. I have a 9.8 on order...what's it going to look like?


Where is the blog?

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