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Trek Prototype — Meet the Broadsider!

  Screen shot 2010-08-07 at 9.51.00 AM

The ’Broadsider’ is a bike derived from a post oil, post-apocalyptic graphic novel based on its namesake. It tells the story of the legendary ‘cliff racer’ Max Malco who lost his life saving a young boy from his racing rivals.

The story and bike were created by Trek’s industrial design group. The Broadsider is a conceptual prototype project intended to keep the Trek brain trust sharp.

It is through executions like this the design team continually dreams up new directions to keep up the excitement and enthusiasm for bicycles.

Should the  apocalypse ever come, the human spirit will survive. when oil comes to its end human power will thrive!

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D. Z. Dimaquibo

That Broadsider looks totally boss.

Jörgen Dahlberg

What a wonderful idea to bring into reality. Nice to see the comic book mock up also, is that part of the design process?

Frabk Loeb

Great! Please make it real ! Very hot for bike collectors!


I want one !


Maaan, that thing looks FUBAR... in a good way. Literally bomb proof.


Some of you can't appreciate the time it took to do this... very cool, and no I do not think they will produce it...

Doug D

i'd ride it.
being in NYC i'd even keep the bars a mile wide. I'm pretty sure people would get out of my way.


"HOLY $HIT"! That is badass!


hmmm...looks like the boys at trek have too much time on their hands...c'mon a comic book mock up too?

seriously though- interesting look but not really practical with the super high standover


I like it. It's definetly mean looking


but beastly. hope they actually make it.


looks heavy

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