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Remembering Chris

Recently, Joe V.  (VP of a bunch of different things here at Trek), held a trail event to have some fun at the end of the year and to remember Chris Funk.  We asked Joe to tell us in his words what that was about.  Here is the note that he wrote back to me.  - Michael.


On Friday, almost 3 weeks ago now, we held what was meant to be our last MTB trail event of the year.  We will have a bit more riding this year, but days are numbered.  We are getting some great fall riding, leaves are down, sight lines are great, there are no bugs, it is chilly in the morning in the evening, night riding is great, a fire afterward is fun, the beer tastes really good after a night ride and standing around a fire.  I love fall riding.  I wish it could go on forever.

Unfortunately, winter is coming.  There is some riding to be done, but it gets really limited.  Yes, we can go skiing and we will.  But, skiing is a crummy substitute for riding your bike.  It is especially disappointing, coming off of fall MTB riding.  I guess the good side is to look forward to the spring.  The spring when the leaves start to come out, the dirt is so perfect and moist – you can smell the traction in the air.  

But I digress.

The main reason that Friday was a special day for me, was that Friday I got to do something permanent to help us all remember Chris Funk.  Chris was the head clothing product manager here at Trek.  Chris was one of the greatest guys I have known.  Chris was taken, after bravely battling his illness for years, from his family and his family at Trek just this last year.  His memory is out there.  Every time I look at our clothing group, I remember Chris.  Every time I see someone doing some yoga stretches in the gym, I remember Chris.  Every time I am out on the trails, I remember Chris.  I remember him saying things like, “Fun and Flexible”.  Nothing really stressed Chris.

I guess he had figured things out sooner than the rest of us.  The stress of what your job is and the stress of things that go on in your life, they don’t really matter.  What matters is – your family, your friends and the things that you are passionate about.  You see he had battled bigger things in his life already than worrying about where the B dot should go on the clothing, or even if it should have a B dot or if it should be called something else or..., any other myriad of things that we all worry about at work.  

I remember Chris just loving the opportunity to go for a lunch time MTB ride or a fall night ride, or his kids soccer game or just an evening with his friends and family.  “Go Big or Go Home”, Chris used to say.  

So in his memory, I renamed the most popular trail at our company trails “Funk”.  I had a nice modest little monument put up at the trail head.  It is a place that people stop before their ride and yack with each other.  It is somewhere that Chris would have said something like “Go Big or Go Home”.  That is what the rock there says now – permanently.  Now I get to ride by each day and give a shout out to Chris.  The other day, I did just that and gave a shout out to Chris.  I am sure he would have approved. 

I hope that someday  the people who did not know him, get to know him by stopping by there and then shredding the trail.  

This is the placque on the rock in front of the trail "Funk"

Carry on Chris.   See you on the trail.



About to unveil the new trail name and placgue in front of the trail.



There's a group of disgruntled people here in Toronto, who are dead-set against me getting the exercise I need. They have continually put my bike in peril. And they mock my attempts to heal myself from a sort of Parkinson's Disease. I think they are using voodoo. In any case I will never relent because of some foolish reverse racism group here in Toronto. This is my solemn temple that I have the fun responsibility to keep as healthy as possible. So in the same spirit that Chris bravely exemplified, I say to those just try to catch me!
Thank you!


Good on you Joe. A fitting tribute.

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