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My Tires!

Sometime in spring 1981. 

I have just received two big boxes of cruiser tires from UPS. Each box contained 25 of the 26X2.125 wire beaded tire. I hoisted them up on my shoulders and started to walk across Anselmo Avenue when I heard the high-pitched whine of a car speeding my way doing at least 45 mph, in the 25 zone.


I pushed both the boxes forward and stepped back—the timing was perfect, the little sports car crashed into boxes. One of the boxes was under the car. The driver looks out the window and screams at me,

“I'm a schoolteacher and I'm late for school!”

“Now I don't think you understand” I said, “I saw a little kid get run over by a school bus and swell up to about twice his size and pass away not too far from where you've stopped.”

 “I'm late for work and what the hell is that under my car?!”

“My tires!”

I tried to reach under the car but she was moving across the intersection. She wouldn't hold still! First forward, than reverse.

“Hey my tires!”

“The hell with your tires!”

And the little sports car took off down center blvd, at about the same speed that it showed up.

“My tires!”

I ran back to the shop and grabbed my bike and rode down Center Boulevard as fast as they could. “Has anyone seen my tires? I mean has anyone seen a car with my tires under them?”

People were looking at me weird. She was gone and I went downtown to the police station. I started the process of telling the story about the tires under the car, and the police officer was questioning me. The officer was the only one on duty and was, handling the entire town at that time. The call box went off.

“We have a car fire here, the car is totally engulfed in flames. There’s something underneath the car something, rubber, burning like crazy.”

“My tires!”

It seemed that she had just driven at the same speed figuring that the tires would just disappear. Well not really. The tires created a lot of friction, and she created a car fire for herself.

I did the right thing right then, I rode over to where her car was burning to have a little talk with her. And I said,  “Next time you'll slow down right??”


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I bet she would try to listen next time. I like this story and readers would really learn something from this post.

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Thank you for sharing this story hope to read more.


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Improvisation is always the key.


Great story... Share some more...

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Ain't karma a bitch!

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