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Your Custom Fuel EX -- let's see 'em!

We all know there's nothing better than building out your own custom build. Sure, we at Trek know how to put together a killer OE spec package, but there's just a certain level of satisfaction inherent in choosing the right color wheelset, the tire best for your terrain, and that saddle that you've been coveting for years.

So today, I've been hunting around online today to find some killer custom Fuel EX build-outs. Below are my 3 favorites.

Have you gone above and beyond to customize your Fuel EX? If so, we want to see them!

Post a reply here, or just link in to our Facebook page and share them there....DSCF4094-1

I just love the matching wheels on this one. While I love my Bontrager wheels more than any other, the matching rims really put this one over the top.


Moreso than the wheels, tires or shocks -- it's the fender that adds flair to this beast. When you ride well maintained trails all the time, it's easy to forget that the rest of the world doesn't always have that -- and fenders are a must in so many places...


It's the hubs. Chris King. Again, I'll never lose my Bontragers, but the color coordination just really ties the whole thing together. Beauty!


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@Roland those are a couple of crankbrothers rimms


What rims are on that first bike?

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