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Tricked-out Trek Sawyers


Who did we have in mind when we made the Trek Sawyer? We had you in mind. It’s for everybody. With its unique retro-inspired frame design, the Sawyer begs riders to make it their own. It’s plenty trail-capable as it is, but if you’re the type who prefers a bit more forgiving front end, it’s ready to take on a suspension fork to help soak up those bumps. For those who prefer the beauty of simplicity, the split sliding rear dropouts make it easy to lose the derailleurs and gain single speed cool points. Whether it’s getting down and dirty on the trail, carrying the coolest commuter through the city, or just cruising down the to local watering hole, the Sawyer is ready for anything, just add you and your personal touch.

The Sawyer is so much fun that a few of our sponsored athletes have personalized their own. Subaru-Trek rider Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski loves his Sawyer’s versatility: 

“I initially used my Sawyer as a single speed MTB, and even raced it at the 2010 SS World Championships in NZ. It's such a fun versatile bike - I used it at home on many a winter training ride after returning from NZ. I've since equipped it with a center track belt system and have done both MTB rides and fun urban assault days aboard it. I've currently got it set up as the ultimate urban-assault townie, with flat pedals, belt drive and small lights. It's a simple bike, but one of my favorites to ride. “ 


Jhk sawyer


Jhk sawyer2



Our own Renaissance Man of Mountain Biking, Trek C3 rider Ross Schnell, also recently joined the Sawyer owner’s club: 

“This winter I was fortunate enough to score a Trek Sawyer. The idea behind this bike was to serve as a more comfortable cross bike. I don’t do well with road or cross bikes anymore but I do have the need for said bikes occasionally. Often times while trying to get in shape I do big rides from my door that involve pedaling and “self-shuttling” myself to ancillary trail networks around the valley. The Sawyer is the perfect bike for these hybrid rides. 

 The Sawyer is so comfortable to ride. The classic mantra “steel is real” is absolutely true and make this bike a joy to ride. In addition to the classical beauty of this swoopy and flexuous beach cruiser-like frame, the Sawyer has proper geometry! Suspension corrected at a very reasonable 69 degrees (w/ stock rigid fork), this frame is ready to hit any trail. Its uniquely individualized look makes it as equally successful on a 4hr ride as it is hitting the pub afterward.  

Mine is probably the most expensive Sawyer in the world. A good mix of SRAM XO and XX components, I’ve also added a 100mm Reba thru-axle fork and some nice wide bars for control. Just to ensure I reach maximum nerd-age I’ve added an SRM Power Meter to provide me with extra motivation whilst telling me how weak my leg muscles are. I’m hoping this machine will jump start the fitness and get me back into prime-time conditioning for the race schedule this summer."




Jeremy and Ross have some tricked out Sawyers, but we know those aren't the only two out there. Let's hear about what you've done to make your Sawyer all you. Don't have one yet? Let's hear what you're planning to do after you head to your nearest Trek dealer to get yours!





The biggest change I made was to have internal brake lines installed on the left tube, and powdercoated it Black. had some custom wheels built, and am running Fox f29 from my RIG(it is failing and soon to be replaced) next up is belt drive.

TurkeyMtn Troubador

It has been configured as a 2x 1 which was great in technical terrain. Running Crossmax wheels but swithching to RXL scandium with a 2,4 Ardent in front and 2,25 rear. Niner RDO seatpost holding a Gobi XM saddle. Niner carbon bars with a 90 mm stem round out the bike. Spare wheels have Fast Trax for commuter and gravel roads

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