King of the Mountain

What's in a Name?

People often ask how we name our bicycles. It varies greatly from model to model but one of our favorite stories is how we named the “Skye” mountain bike series. Skye was first introduced in 2009, when it immediately became the best-selling women’s bike in America*. Playful on-trend colors, a value specification package, and of course, the great WSD fit, all contributed to its immediate success. But what’s behind the name? “Skye”, as she is nick-named, is actually the 11 year old niece of WSD Product Manager, Heather Henderson. “We were looking for a catchy name that sounded young, fun, and unique. One day when the group was discussing the target consumer, it just hit me and the group loved it. I was so excited when our legal department approved the name for trademark so I could tell Skyler I was naming a bike after her! The hardest part was waiting ten months to tell her!” Henderson had to wait because new models are kept top secret until ready for market. Even family members of Trek employees are not privy to Trek’s future plans. Check out the latest Skye models at your local Trek dealer and see why this model continues to be so popular! *through the IBD channel







Love this story - what a way to ensure a rider for life!

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